Are you ambitious & ethical?

Our power programs offer you the opportunity to focus on what's important, gain crystal clarity, create a plan to achieve your ambitions, be accountable, and see the positive impact on your bottom line.

Growing Businesses

When your business is growing the challenges become more complex.

Taking your business to the next level needs new customers, new resources, and may need investment. Growing as a leader isn’t just about you, it’s also about allowing your team to grow so you have freedom to focus on the big decisions and drive the business forward.

We work with ambitious and ethical leaders to create powerful business transformation, high performing teams, and deliver bottom line results. We have a wealth of experience from start-up to turnarounds, and are committed to providing expert growth coaching, mentoring, interim and advisory board services.

We call it venture experience, because we’ve lived it, and now we want to share it with you.

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Growth Coaching


We are a registered and approved Growth Coach provider for the UK Government backed Business Growth Service. If you are a high growth SME business leader, we will work with you to

  • identify your growth needs
  • understand your challenges
  • define your growth strategy
  • support you to put it into action

Growth Mentoring


As a start up entrepreneur, securing and growing your first customers, building a talented team and developing your products are the exciting steps to give your new venture wings. We know how many walls need scaling, how rapidly business realities can change, and how crises can come from nowhere.

With our Growth Mentoring package, we offer you our wealth of experience, insights and understanding to help you on your flight path. You’ll be able to draw on our support to tackle whatever issue greets your new business and turn it into an opportunity to grow.

We live by the adage “revenue is vanity, and profit is sanity”.

Growing Leadership Teams


We facilitate and run highly interactive and engaging leadership workshops and away-days for leadership teams.

When you face a strategic challenge, be it external or internally driven, we provide the expertise and sensitivity to facilitate a group experience to ensure you reach your decision as a team.

We invite leadership teams to join in a journey to face their strategic challenges, provide the trusted space to listen to all options, discover new insights, learn from others and come to an agreed way forward.

Our programs are either stand alone workshops, or blended with coaching for you to benefit from one-to-one attention and embed the learning and actions in your business.


Join Momentum Mastermind for ambitious, ethical leaders and see the positive impact on your bottom line.

Join an exclusive monthly Momentum Mastermind; cutting-edge half day sessions shared with fellow ambitious business leaders offering you inspiration, discovery and accountability. We provide a trusted space for you to focus on business critical issues, learn from thought leaders and share best practice. You will identify next steps and take back concrete actions while we provide the momentum needed for you to make them a reality.


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